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HOT!     Magician's EZ-Edit Music Kit - Vol III

Royalty-free production music, specifically designed for the stage performer. The wide variety of styles found on each CD ensures that you will find music suitable to virtually any specific routine, or as underscoring for an entire show! The unique "cut and paste" editing feature makes tailoring the music to your needs a snap! You can alter the length of a single track or combine tracks to create your own custom piece! (For our Burn-to-Custom-CD service, please call.)

Kit Price: $35 each
(Price include USPS Priority Mail shipping within the Continental US)

NEW! Digital Downloads available!

to download the entire CD for only $29.99!
Individual tracks may be purchased from the list below - most are less than $5!

(Note: All purchases outside the Continental US are via digital download only)

Track Number/Name Purchase Sample/Duration/Position (seconds)
1. Introduction  
2. Cue Clicks  
3. It’s Magic
4. Fanfare #1: Music Only
5. Fanfare #1: (Voice-over bed)
6. Fanfare #2: Music Only
7. Fanfare #2: (Voice-over bed)
8. Tears of Sorrow
9. Feelin’ Good
10. The Getaway
11. The Rescue
12. Dreams of Flight
13. Escape the Danger Zone
14. Smooth Groove
15. Time’s Running Out
16. Serpents Rock
17. Lookout, Behind You!
18. Kid-Toons
19. Ministry Magic Medley #2
20. A Season of Magic
21. Audience Chaser #1
22. Audience Chaser #2
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